The Bahamas Today : Prime Minister Perry G. Christie

The Bahamas Today
Prime Minister Perry Gladstone Christie

I have had had the pleasure fo personally knowing our present Prime Minister, Perry Gladstone Christie, for many years. During these years, I have found him to be the same person without wavering, he is people centred, very affable and caring to the core.

Yet he has so many critics; critics that has described him numerous times adversely, some do not even know the man yet they criticize him personally.
Perry G. Christie, has made a great contribution to the development of this country, our home, The Bahamas. He represented us as an athelete, he advocated for us as a young college student/lawyer and socially as a great Junkanoo Artist/Entertainer.

The Perry Christie, that I speak about has been a household fixture in our society even before he ascended to the highest office in the land. His contribution has transformed lives for the better. He is truly a man for all seasons, he is a Bahamian.

His style of leadership, which so many has criticized, is one of inclusion. Perhaps we have been accustomed to having people dictate to us that we dont appreciate when our leader include us in his decision making process. I have read and believe that whenever two or more minds come together additional minds are created. One person simply does not have all the answers to our present problems.

Prime Minister Christie, to me is well on his way to becoming a Statesman. He is busy planning and bringing ideas to like that would be created into long lasting institutions that would benefit present and future Bahamians.
BAMSI, will in years make Andros, one of the most recognized island in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Andros, because of his initiative will become the Educational Centre of The Bahamas and what better recognition Andros desreves because so many of her sons and daughters are advocate of education and higher learning. So many of us are highly educated and have and will continue to contribute to the development in divers areas of our society.

The voice behind the sorely needed and forcefully demanded, National Development Plan, is non other than that of Perry G. Christie. With the establishment of a National Development Plan, the entire Bahamas would be transformed for the better, no questions asked!

The assistance and the establishment of a centre especially for disabled Bahamian Children will be greatly welcomed by those of us who have children that are disadvantaged because of limited resurces applied for their advancement. Again, Prime Minister Christie, whom is the father of a disabled child, Adam Christie, is the voice behind this initiative. I can recall, asking him to please do something for disabled/underprivilidged children and he promised me that such would be the case. This promise was made as we both along with others as we tearfully awaited the sad passing of my dearly beloved friend, John Martin. This is the month that my dear friend passed away two ago, my his soul continue to rest in peace.

In conclusion, I wish to personally, congratulate Prime Minister Christie, for taking the initiative to ensure that The Bahamas will be a much better place because of him and his ideas. To me he is on the threshold of becoming a Statesman.

Lionel F. Evans


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