The Bahamas Today

Where Are We Heading?

The Bahamas, this beautiful gem of a country that God, has especially created for us like Dr. Myles Munroe, said, “is going to hell”!

I am saddened with the state of affairs within my beautiful country. We are losing so many of our young men to crime and criminal activities that one must wonder in amazement what has gone wrong within this once peaceful and tranquil nation of God fearing people.

A solution to our crime problem must be found and found quickly or we will all perish as a country and as a people.

Our government appears to be more concerned with how many investors can be lured into our country whilst the social fabric which binds us together is being literally ripped to shreds, are we fiddling while Rome burns?

Within the next two years the Bahamian people will go to the polls to elect a new government to guide our country for another five years. However, to date there seems to be no heir apparent within the governing party while the opposition party coming fresh out of a mini convention, has chosen its leader and without a doubt their freshly elected leader will take them into the next general election.

We need a leader that can and will turn this country around. The time has come and gone when our leaders will get up and postulate new ideas and vision. We need applied action. and a leader that has not only a new vision for a new Bahamas, but whom will have fortitude and the guts to get the job done despite being unpopular at times.

Who will the next Prime Minister, of The Bahamas be? Would it be the Hon. Perry G. Christie or Dr. Hubert A. Minnis ? Two years into the general elections and we are still playing the guessing game, while the lives of young Bahamians are being lost daily!

Who will lead the governing Progressive Liberal Party into the next general election, will it be the present Prime Minister ? Will it be Phillip Brave Davis? Will it be Obie Wilchombe? or will it be Fred Mitchell? We already know the Free National Movement’s leader, Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, will lead the FNM into the next general election.

The Democratic National Alliance, under the leadership of Branville Mc Cartney, will probably lead the DNA into the next general election.

Our new Prime Minister must be a man or woman that demands respect but one who also must earn that respect. He or she must be accountable and one whose word can be taken in the affirmative. We don’t need a Prime Minister that merely utters words and make un-kept promises, we need a leader whose words can be taken seriously!

Where are we heading?

It is senseless to create an environment to bring visitors when that environment is not too healthy. Crime is going to kill this beautiful country of ours. Whatever, we are doing to fight crime it is not working. We need more resources, more concrete ideas and more boldness! We must tame this beast before it devours this entire nation and every Bahamian within.

Has the time come, for every right thinking Bahamian to pool our collective voting currency and support that party that we believe can defeat this crime beast. I know you might be saying that I am looking for Utopia, and perhaps you are correct. We need all the help that we can get to save our nation and its people from the crime beast that is destroying the lives of our young men. Remember, that Gandhi, with the message of non-violence attracted over six million of his people to believe in his message and brought and end to British rule over India.

There is still time all is not entirely lost.

Lionel F. Evans


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