Bahamas Business Consultant

Bahamas Investment

The Mission of Bahamas Business Consultancy Services is to assist Domestic and Foreign Investors to set up businesses in The Bahamas.

How would this be achieved?

Bahamas Business Consultancy Services would provide expert business start up assistance by:

  • Identifying niche markets in The Bahamas.
  • Performing Business Analysis to identify what type of business in the niche markets stands the best chance to be successful.
  • Analyzing Marketing channels that would give these businesses the highest level of exposure.
  • Assist Foreign Investors to reduce start up cost by performing most of the ground work that is required before approvals are granted by The Bahamas Government.
  • Assist existing businesses to achieve profitability levels by examining their existing internal operational machinery to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to take immediate corrective measures to correct their weak areas.

Bahamas Business Consultancy Services main areas of practice would be:

  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Preparing Marketing Plans
  • Conducting Business Analysis
  • Fraud Prevention Assistance
  • Internal Control Assistance
  • Compliance Assistance
  • E-Commerce Assistance
  • Website Design
  • Staff Training

We have the expertise, academic qualification and experience in government, business and private industry to deliver competent services in the cited areas and beyond. Our principle consultant has a vast expanse of knowledge in business, government, academia and the private industry.

Our Lead consultant has had had the opportunity to assist with the formation of one of the Bahamas leading theme park tourist attraction, he has managed a leading hotel and time share development, he has held a very senior position in The Bahamas Government Civil Service, has lectured at the College of The Bahamas in Business, Marketing and Economics subjects.

 He holds the following academic qualifications, LLB Law Degree, MBA in Business and Management and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Economics and is a Webmaster. He can be contacted at and by telephone at 242-676-1179 or by cell phone at 242-423-9828.


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