The Bahamas Investment Authority

The Bahamas Investment Authority(BIA), is an arm of the Office of the Prime Minister which deals with all matters concerning foreign investment approvals in The Bahamas.

This unit is mandated to remove the “red tape” so that potential investors may have a very comfortable experience from the inquiry stage of their plan to invest until an approval is either granted or denied. Approvals are not automatic.

Potential investors in The Bahamas, whether they are  Bahamian or non-Bahamian must go through the same approval process. They must submit a proposal to the Authority for consideration which is presented through the vetting of the National Economic Council (NEC) if the proposal involves any of the following:

*Non-Bahamian participants

*The use of Foreign Capital

*Application for Government concessions, particularly those that come under the Hotels Encouragement Act, and the Tariff Act and the Industries Encouragement Act

*Long lease and or the purchase of immovable property by foreign concerns or

*Transfer of shares to non-Bahamian.

We will discuss concessions available under the Hotel Encouragement Act next. Until then if you need more information please contact us a Evans Business Consultant Services at 242-676-1179 or by email at We can provide you with all the preliminary information required to lessen the application process. We are here to serve you in an effective and efficient manner without compromising.


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