Evans Business Consultant Services

We are pleased to introduce Evans Business Consultant Services to The Bahamas and International Investors especially those from the USA, Canada and Europe.

The New Bahamas under a new government  is committed to offering new opportunities to Bahamians and Foreign Investors to establish a business presence in The Bahamas.

Foreign Investors especially from the United States, Canada,China and Germany, might find The Bahamas a very attractive place to invest and or to establish a second home for retirement

We are committed to assist with the writing of Business Plans, Marketing and Research,Foreign Business advice for government approvals and E-commerce services.

We will work with any investor who is interested in starting a business in The Bahamas or wish to purchase real estate here, like others have done such as David Copperfield, Sir Sean Connery,Oprah Winfrey and others.

The Bahamas is now ripe for investment; the Bar Mar Hotel construction project when completed will be attracting people from all over the world and this will be translated into more opportunity for investors to come and get involved in The Bahamas Economy through investment.

Contact us today at 242-636-1179 or by email ellion@coralwave.com


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