The New Model Business Executive

The meltdown of Wall Street and the domino effect it created for corporate America and indeed world business leaders has changed the way American Business Executives will operate and how they will be perceived in the new business environment.

The New Model Business Executive will be accountable for his actions or inaction; he will not be entitled to huge bonuses and other insane perks. He will be judged on his performance and how he has assisted the people of his organization to become high or above average achievers.

The New Model Business Executive cannot survive in the new business environment if he fails to acknowledge his internal(customer) labor force when it comes to their training, goals and aspirations because it correlates directly to his performance and productivity levels for which he will be judged accordingly.

The New Model Business Executive is the Executive that is intelligent and astute enough to have the foresight so see without looking, that to become the best that he can be, he would need to change the way he has done things in the past. when it comes to being transformed from the old Business Executive into the New Model Business Executive he must see himself through the eyes of Michael Angelo and become that masterpiece that he was born to become.

The New Model Business Executive must focus also on his personal skills because the world has changed and the labor market has become more competitive, it has truly become a fight between “demand and supply”. There will be a great demand for the New Model Executive”, will the supply be there? This is the jackpot question.

The New Model Business Executive, for survival must adopt a New Management Model. He must re define his approach to management, he must act fast and with precision, he must become the Zen Master of Leadership and Coaching and he must be coached and willing to be coached.he must forever realize that he is not complete as a leader until he graduates from being a follower.

The New Model Business Executive must transform himself from the traditional management way of thinking and embrace with vigor and much vitality the New Management Modelapproach. He must be willing to see his company and his employees as partners and treat them as such. He must shift from management to leadership, he must not merely delegate to his employees he must empower them and give them a sense of ownership.

The New Model Business Executive must bring balance to his organization but to achieve this he first must bring balance into his own life. He must recognize the opportunity that exist in being coached; he must realize that he can no longer be a “Maverick”, with the ‘my way or the highway”, mentality because if he fails to realize that everything has changed in the last three months of 2008,then he will surely hit the highway.His equilibrium will be out of sinc and he will surely fall and fall hard.

The New Model Business Executive would become results orientated and a motivator of his people, he would see that groups within his organization must change to teams; he must become a change agent.

The New Model Business Executive will recognize that in the corporate world there are only three types of managers, those who make things happen; those that ask what happen and those that wonder what had just happened. The New Model Business Executive must always make things happen but not just make it happen he must make happen fast. Speed kills!

The New Model Business Executive must lead, manage and coach for survival. We are now in the era of watching every dime that is to be spend, resources is now scarce because capital has been frozen and hard to come by therefore the New Model Business Executive must manage his resources exceptionally well, he must be capable of providing the leadership for his team especially when the chips are down an he must forever be a coach for his entire organization.

In conclusion the New Model business Executive must invest in himself, he must view himself as a sole proprietor where everything rest on his shoulders and if he fails he looses everything. He must keep himself ahead of the game he must be coached. The Smart New Model Business Executive will realize that his fate is in his own hands, if he wants to succeed he must invest in himself, if he want to fail he can just continue the go to the posh spas, have lunches at five star restaurants and live in five star hotels without doing anything to improve himself but merely enjoying the perks.


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